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COHIBA Silver Stainless Steel Sharp Blade 5 Finger Handle Cigar Cutter Scissor
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 150x62x5cm Hole Diameter: 23mm ..
Rs 3,078
Ex Tax: Rs 3,078
Product Description:  Xi2 cigar cutter Blades hardened to Rockwell C rati..
Rs 3,545
Ex Tax: Rs 3,545
Cohiba Black Silver Stainless Steel Dual Blades Cigar Cutter
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 88x42x4mm Hole Diameter: 23 mm ..
Rs 3,247
Ex Tax: Rs 3,247
Metal Guillotine Cigar Cutter (Model A)
Product Description:  Stainless Steel Blade Double Bladed Perfect Cut Ev..
Rs 850
Ex Tax: Rs 850
Based on 5 reviews.
Cohiba Black and Gold Cigar Cutter
A true stunner from the house of Cohiba.  Delivery Details: Will be delivered to any l..
Rs 3,500
Ex Tax: Rs 3,500
Product Description: The XIKAR® cutter gives cigar enthusiasts the finest cigar cut with pow..
Rs 3,545
Ex Tax: Rs 3,545
Based on 1 reviews.
COHIBA Silver Chrome Jet Torch Flame Cigar Lighter With Cutter
Material: Metal Size: 86x20x20mm Weight: 173g Deliver..
Rs 3,586
Ex Tax: Rs 3,586
Destop Cigar Cutter
Product Description: A desktop cutter that serves the purpose of a cigar cutter, holder as well a..
Rs 7,500
Ex Tax: Rs 7,500
Vintage Cigar Cutter
        Delivery Details: Will be delivered within a time f..
Rs 8,500
Ex Tax: Rs 8,500
Product Description: No ink. No needles. Just pure expression. Available in 5 designs: Web, ..
Rs 4,220
Ex Tax: Rs 4,220
Cohiba Stainless Steel Cuba Cigar Cutter Ring Gauge 50
Material: Metal Hole Diameter: 20 mm Delivery Details: Will..
Rs 2,861
Ex Tax: Rs 2,861
Reddish Copper Color Plated Cigar Cutter
Product Description: Double bladed and reddish copper color plated, this cutter is a true sy..
Rs 3,600
Ex Tax: Rs 3,600
Stainless Steel COHIBA Cigar Cutter Scissors
Material: Metal Delivery Details: Will be delivered to any location in India..
Rs 3,036
Ex Tax: Rs 3,036
COHIBA Ebony Wood Stainless Steel Switch Blade Cigar Cutter
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 63x40x5mm Hole Diameter: 23mm ..
Rs 4,821
Ex Tax: Rs 4,821
Double Bladed with Hand Polished Stainless Steel
Product Description: Double bladed with hand polished stainless steel. Comes with a gift box..
Rs 2,850
Ex Tax: Rs 2,850