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Peterson Spigot 221
4.87 in./123.70 mm The 221 bent billiard shape from Peterson is such an archetypal Peterson s..
Rs 25,000
Ex Tax: Rs 25,000
Peterson Irish Army Shape No.160 - Briar Pipe
Available in classic Peterson shapes the Irish Made Army briar was introduced by Peterson using t..
Rs 4,500
Ex Tax: Rs 4,500
Turkish Warrior Smoking Pipe (Made in Turkey)
  Country of Origin: Turkey Delivery Details: Will be delivered within a t..
Rs 4,500
Ex Tax: Rs 4,500
Peterson Flame Grain Silver Mounted Briar Pipe - Shape No.05
The Peterson Flame Grain is a premium line of high quality briar pipes, specially chosen for thei..
Rs 10,125
Ex Tax: Rs 10,125
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Professor
In 1987 Peterson produced the first in a series of pipes honouring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famou..
Rs 15,900
Ex Tax: Rs 15,900
Destop Cigar Cutter
Product Description: A desktop cutter that serves the purpose of a cigar cutter, holder as well a..
Rs 7,500
Ex Tax: Rs 7,500
Peterson Donegal Rocky XL90
Length: 135 mm / 5.26 in  Height: 53 mm / 2.06 in  Outside Diameter: 40..
Rs 6,345
Ex Tax: Rs 6,345
Un Jour a Cuba I
Description:This art print displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy. A m..
Rs 1,341
Ex Tax: Rs 1,341
Peterson Donegal Rocky B45
The Peterson Donegal Rocky B45 is a straight egg, an interesting shape that was featured in the P..
Rs 6,345
Ex Tax: Rs 6,345
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Milverton
A great rendition of the Return of Sherlock Holmes Milverton edition, this square shanked bent Bi..
Rs 15,900
Ex Tax: Rs 15,900
Reddish Copper Color Plated Cigar Cutter
Product Description: Double bladed and reddish copper color plated, this cutter is a true sy..
Rs 3,600
Ex Tax: Rs 3,600
Peterson Donegal Rocky (408) Fishtail
The lovely '408' shape isn't really quite a bent Apple, nor is it quite an Author shape, but rath..
Rs 6,345
Ex Tax: Rs 6,345
Cigar Bar
Description:Passionate and daring, Brent Lynch is a powerful figurative and landscape artist. Lyn..
Rs 16,864
Ex Tax: Rs 16,864
Peterson Pipe Cleaners 50
1 Pack of 50 Pipe Cleaners Delivery Details: Will be delivered to any location in..
Rs 590
Ex Tax: Rs 590
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Peterson Sterling Silver XL90
Length: 135 mm / 5.26 in Height: 53 mm / 2.06 in Outside Diameter: 40 mm / 1.56 i..
Rs 9,200
Ex Tax: Rs 9,200