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NUB Connecticut ( Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua)
Product Description: Size: (Length" x Ring) 3.5 x 54 Shape: NUB Strength: Ful..
Rs 1,150
Ex Tax: Rs 1,150
Based on 1 reviews.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This has to be one of the most refined and well-balanced cigars on the marke..
Rs 1,250
Ex Tax: Rs 1,250
Based on 6 reviews.
Partagas Mille Fleurs (Single Cigar)
Description:  The Partagas Mille Fleurs is a generous Petit Corona (Mareva) size cigar from ..
Rs 978
Ex Tax: Rs 978
Based on 5 reviews.
1400 CC (Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua)
Product Description: Size: (Length" x Ring) 5 x 50 Vitola: Toro Strength: Mil..
Rs 955
Ex Tax: Rs 955
Rafael Gonzalez M. Petit Coronas
Origin: Cuba Manufactured: Hand Made Gauge: Medium Length: 129 Form..
Rs 897
Ex Tax: Rs 897
Montecristo Open Master (Single Cigar)
Description:  Description: Released in 2009, the Montecristo Open Master [4.8 x 50] is inten..
Rs 1,890
Ex Tax: Rs 1,890
Based on 6 reviews.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Fantastic construction on this small smoke. Easy and comfortable ..
Rs 980
Ex Tax: Rs 980
Based on 5 reviews.
XEN Robusto by Rocky and Nish Patel (Single Stick)
More About this Cigar:    Xen is a box pressed cigar with a silky smooth E..
Rs 880
Ex Tax: Rs 880
C Notes ((Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua)
  Size: (Length" x Ring) 5 x 20 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: Full Wr..
Rs 220
Ex Tax: Rs 220
Romeo y Julieta Cazadores (Single Cigar)
Description: This cigar can be considered the strongest cigar of all smokes (which are now be..
Rs 1,116
Ex Tax: Rs 1,116
Based on 1 reviews.
Bolivar Lonsdales (Single Stick)
Description: This is a high standing cigar with strong traditions, not only for its format bu..
Rs 1,280
Ex Tax: Rs 1,280
Based on 2 reviews.
Description: An elegant, smooth and opulent cigar that will definitely make a mark on the market...
Rs 1,990
Ex Tax: Rs 1,990
Based on 6 reviews.
Partagas Aristocrats (Single Cigar)
Description: The Partagas Aristocrats is of Petit Cetro format (gauge 40, and 129mm in length..
Rs 1,000
Ex Tax: Rs 1,000
Based on 6 reviews.
Colada Dulce ( Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua)
Product Description:  Tabak Especial cigars are produced by Drew Estate. You might deci..
Rs 850
Ex Tax: Rs 850
Based on 3 reviews.
Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No. 4 (Single Stick)
Description: This cigar is considered to be a great "Robusto", complex and with greatly balan..
Rs 1,400
Ex Tax: Rs 1,400
Based on 2 reviews.