Indian Trichinopoly Cigarillo (Pack of 2 )

Indian Trichinopoly Cigarillo (Pack of 2 )
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Description: These wonderful Cigarillos are hand made in the age old factories of Trichinopoly and possess some unique flavours that provide an aroma of pure home grown Indian tobacco.  This handmade Cigarillo is made by skilled craftsmen who have perfected the art of rolling cigars by hand. The cigars go through a fermentation process of almost two years to achieve the highest level of excellence.

Origin: India 

Format: Hand Made

Quantity: Pack of 2 Cigarillos 

Length (in inches): 4.00

Ring Gauge (in inches) 24

Cigar Reviews: 

"Great Smoke" 
Review by: dp130
Review Date: 11/20/2011
Rating: 10
Review Notes: My Favorite go to smoke. I always have a good supply of these at home.

"A great product from Cigars India" 
Review by: CopGTP
Review Date: 09/22/2011
Rating: 9.4 
Review Notes: I've had a handful of these sitting in the humidor for a while now. Lit one up the other day and I was presently surprised. I've been smoking a lot of boutique cigars lately and this was a nice alternative. Draw and plume were excellent. he last third had almost a chocolatey taste to it. Definitely a nice mild-med smoke. 

"So good." 
Review by: Smoker Bob
Review Date: 01/24/2011
Rating: 9.2
Review Notes: This is an amazing smoke. I found myself completely relaxed as I puffed it on my balcony. Beautiful flavors, spicy, sweet and cinnamon chocolate. Great construction and draw. This is my favorite cigar, no question.
"Amazing Cigar"
Review by: robd69
Review Date: 05/06/2010
Rating: 10
Review Notes: This smoke is great from start to finish. Great taste, great draw, everything you could ask for from a cigar.Whoever gave this stick a bad review must be new to smoking or they just dont realize what a great cigar is all about.

Review by: Wareham
Review Date: 01/18/2010
Rating: 8.8
Starts out spicy then turns more coffee/chocolate. Enjoy!

"Terrific Cigar"
Review by: Kirk Peurrung
Review Date: 12/22/2009
Rating: 9.2
Review Notes: One of the best smokes I've gad. Good burn, draw, and packed with medium to full bodied flavor and punch. 

"What an an outstanding smoke!!!"
Review by: buckeyemike57
Review Date: 10/11/2009
Rating: 9.8
Review Notes: This is my favorite stick so far (newbie). Great appearance and construction. Beautiful wrapper and label. Smokes forever and has phenomenal flavor. 

Review by: Gottlieb
Review Date: 09/17/2009
Rating: 9.2
Review Notes: One great long lasting powerful smoke.  Rich and full bodied.

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| 4 reviews

The best cigarillo i have tried.
| 4 reviews

Review is feel better .I am very excited for buying cigar.The cigar is very good quality product.This is in cean cigar.Very very thank you so much
| 4 reviews

Lots of love from Assam, India. It's my first time that I have smoked a Cigar and it didn't disappoint me. The blend and the all spicy characteristics that goes into cigar from the tobacco could be felt all from the tip to the end. Good job with the delivery and packaging, it gives it a premium look. Keep up the good job Cigarsindia.
| 4 reviews

Good cigar for a beginner, smooth flavours and mild.

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