Cuban Cigars in India

Cuba is known for one prominent product and yes, it is a Cigar, and these wonderful hand made creations are becoming quite popular in India too, with celebrities and top class politicians choosing to smoke Cigars instead of Cigarettes, as Cigars are classy and have a sense of charisma around them. Initially only the wealthy smoked Cigars, in high class page 3 parties, but now with the increase of disposable incomes among the regular corporate party goer, there is huge up trend in the consumption of Cuban Cigars among these neo rich corporate hot shots. Cigars are now seen in wedding parties, Barbecue gatherings and in discotheques. So the market for Cuban Cigars is heading for growth and experts say that it will continue to do so keeping the rising income levels among people coupled with more and more people imbibing the night life culture.

When you think of Cigars in India, every Cigar expert will tell you one thing that ( is the only genuine Cigar shop in India, where the guys running the show have a real passion for Cigars and I have the opportunity to actually visit their office and was really impressed with what I saw.

Cigars were stored in temperature controlled Humidors at their modern facility in the Whitefield Region of Bangalore and Cigars can be delivered to any location in India within a time frame of 2 days via superfast delivery services, Cash on Delivery is also available and their range of Cigars is spectacular to say the least, Cigars include Brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas and many others from the Cuban line and also on feature as some rare Cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras, and there are also talks to bring in Cigars from France and Phillipines to India.

A Cigar Smoking Room has been recently inaugurated in Bangalore where patrons can pick of one the finest Cigars, and also some fantastic Limted Edition Cigars that arent arent available anywhere else in India, the Smoking Room in Bangalore called the Havana Club India, is set in the most beautiful part of Indirangar and is run by popular Cigar Lover and Co-Founder of Mr Joy, he is welcoming and has a vast knowledge of Cigars and has been a Cigar smoker for more than 8 years now. 

So if you are looking for Humidor fresh Cigars and that are well maintained and by staff and have a lot of knowledge of Cuban Cigars in India, I encourage to visit (India's Largest and Trusted Online Cigar Store Since 1998) or just call Mr Joy at 09980131619 and I am sure that the service and quality of Cigars that these guys feature will truly keep you coming back for more. 

Warm Regards, 

Rajesh Mishra 

Cigar Lover / Artist