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Jose L. Piedra Cremas (Single Cigar)
Description: Well-made Petit Corona size. Earthy, rougher Cuban aromas and subtle creaminess in t..
Rs 600
Ex Tax: Rs 600
Based on 3 reviews.
Jose L. Piedra Nacionales (Single Cigar)
Description: A great Cigar with some signature cuban flavours at a great price, these Cigars are ..
Rs 600
Ex Tax: Rs 600
Based on 16 reviews.
Palma Real Paradisus (Single Cigar)
Description: Sweet dreams are made of these.   Palma Real Paradisus is a premium qua..
Rs 680
Ex Tax: Rs 680
Based on 4 reviews.
Fonseca No. 1  (Single Cigar)
Description: The No.1 is an honestly constructed Lonsdale with superb balance, I'm pleased t..
Rs 748
Ex Tax: Rs 748
Based on 5 reviews.
Fonseca - Delicias (Single Cigar)
Product Description: This one is the only machine-made model of Fonseca brand. Stronger toba..
Rs 750
Ex Tax: Rs 750
Based on 8 reviews.
White Owl (Single Cigar)
 Description: Mellow yet flavorful and reliable, White Owl cigars are mellow, smooth, a..
Rs 760
Ex Tax: Rs 760
Based on 2 reviews.
Don Smith (Single Cigar)
Description: Don Smith - Series D no less, actually "Series Dee" - is amazing. Not the cigar....t..
Rs 780
Ex Tax: Rs 780
Based on 2 reviews.
Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto Grande (Handmade in Dominican Republic)
Product Description: Size: 5.5 x 54(Robusto Grande) Shape: Robusto Grande Str..
Rs 790
Ex Tax: Rs 790
Based on 2 reviews.
Foundry Chillin' Moose (Single Stick)
Description: It’s finally time to answer the question: is it moose, or is it meese? (Meeses?) ..
Rs 890
Ex Tax: Rs 890
Based on 4 reviews.
Quintero y Hno. Panetelas (Single Cigar)
Description: The Quintero y Hermano Panetelas is a delicious creamy and powerful cuban cigar, it ..
Rs 900
Ex Tax: Rs 900
Based on 3 reviews.
H. Upmann Petit Coronas (Single Stick)
Description: Toffee, coffee and chocolate accentuate this medium-bodied Petit Corona. Its cha..
Rs 950
Ex Tax: Rs 950
Based on 5 reviews.
Mark Twain (Single Cigar)
Description: Silky smooth 50-54 ring Churchills for 3 bucks.   If I cannot smoke in ..
Rs 950
Ex Tax: Rs 950
Based on 5 reviews.
Felipe Gregorio Cafe (Single Stick)
Description: More dependable than your favorite slippers!   Nothing feels bette..
Rs 950
Ex Tax: Rs 950
Based on 2 reviews.
Bolivar Petit Coronas (Single Stick)
Description: The characteristic strong Bolivar taste. Smokers who find Coronas Gigante too bi..
Rs 950
Ex Tax: Rs 950
Based on 6 reviews.
 Black Ops Maduro (Single Stick)
Description: These stunning blends from Gurkha owner Kaizad Hansotia not only provide a super-pre..
Rs 980
Ex Tax: Rs 980
Based on 5 reviews.